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Terms And Conditions



COMPANY’means Mimiez Cakes and Crafts

CLIENT’ means any person legal or natural who buys or intends to buy goods from the company

GOODS’ or ‘PRODUCT(S)’ means items to be delivered by the company to the client as expressly stated in the invoice

The client hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions herein having read and understood them.

NOTE: Conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice.

  1. We require 48hours to process all custom cake types excluding the ‘ready-to-go cakes’
  2. Our opening times are Mondays – Saturdays from 9am – 6pm.
  3. Orders placed outside our working hours will be attended to on the next working day
  4. Please note that the Company requires 100% non-refundable payment before confirming the client’s order.
  5. Orders cannot be cancelled less than 24 hours before delivery or pick up
  6. We cannot guarantee an exact replica of any Product(s). However, we will do our best to design the Product as close as possible. Where color swatches are provided, we will do our best to match as close as we deem possible. Exact color matches are not guaranteed
  7. Where the client is not satisfied with the design of the products, any alterations will be at the discretion of the Company
  8. The Company will not be held responsible for Client’s disappointment with the design or the interpretation of the cake as long as it is made in line with the Client’s pre-agreed requirements set out in the order confirmation and we will face no consequent liability.
  9. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all details within the order confirmation are correct and meet their exact requirements.
  10. To make any alterations and amendments to an order, it must bemust be communicated in writingimmediately.We will assess the request and endeavour to make alteration where possible which is dependent on the design and length of notice given.
  11. Accepting any alterations is at the discretion of the Company
  12. Alterations requested less than 24 hours before processing the Product may be subject to a surcharge
  13. Our Goods may contain non-edible ingredients or decorations, such as non-edible printed pictures, toppers, plastic/wooden dowels in tiered cakes or silk flowers. These must be removed before serving or eating
  14. All product on the website are hand made by us and can be ordered in preferred size(s) regardless of the one used in the sample picture in some cases
  15. Due to the aforementioned point, your product may have variations from the images on the website or social media pages.
  16. The Client is expected to pick up goods during our working hours.The Companywill not be held responsible for goods not picked up on the agreed pickup date.
  17. The Company cannot be held liable for any damages to the cake or products once they have been picked up by the Client.
  18. All deliveries made requires a signed delivery note from the Client. The Company cannot be held liable for products delivered in good condition to the venue or delivery location where a delivery note was obtained.
  19. Due to the fragile nature of our Products, we advise that the collection vehicle (when a pick up is done) should be driven carefully, air-conditioned, have flat surface, and be clean and tidy. This is the responsibility of the Client.
  20. Cakes collected from the Company premises requires a signed note by the recipient acknowledging the cake was picked up in perfect condition. The Company is not liable for damage(s) that happens afterwards.
  21. We will always endeavour to dispatch the cakes within the allocated time slot. However, delivery timings cannot be specified or guaranteed
  22. The Companywill not be liable for deliveries delayed by factors beyond our control e.g. traffic, heavy rain, flood, etc.In the event of anticipated delays, the Companywill inform the Client immediately.
  23. Refunds will not be given for delayed deliveries especially in unforeseen circumstances, as stated above. If in the unlikely event the delivery is delayed, we will ensure the cake isdelivered to you as soon as possible.
  24. For queries, please contact us atcares@mimiezcakes.com or WhatsApp 07033446650.

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